Electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) and other information sent by e-mail, along with the partial or full combination with  ordinary mail shipments. Possibility to receive reports on electronic mailings.

Digital document archiving. We can scan paper-based documents, as well as retrieve and process the scanned document data.

We can archive letters, invoices and other documents printed by us in PDF format, which you will be able to receive by e-mail, on a CD, or store with us for the entire period required by Latvian legislation. This service is popular with customers who send out invoices or announcements and who wish to have fast access to these documents. Acquiring and processing data is fast and easy, as it is all stored in one place.

We can align the data of your accounting system to be exchanged with our systems, as well as offer a solution to verify the receipt of payments in your bank account.

We can develop customised SMS and other messaging software solutions, combined with accounting, customer management and other systems, to effectively communicate with clients.

Electronic data exchange

Data exchange sofware can be downloaded:

Link to download site