Marketing solutions

Printing and processing of variable information will help you reach target audiences faster and easier, regardless of your field of business. This service can be used for sending simple invoices, as well as for customer information and marketing purposes.

Direct mail preparation and processing, ad printing, packing in various types of envelopes (C5, C65, C4, C6) and mailing.

Shipment assembly and personalisation.

We use polyethylene film to poly-wrap product catalogues, product samples and other printed material.

We use special film wrapping equipment. Film wrapping is a fully automated and relatively simple yet effective method, which can be used to pack more than 100,000 linear parcels a day.

                We can personalise polyethylene-wrapped items by printing and affixing personalised labels.

                We can also create and print barcodes and QR codes in accordance with your requirements, including the information provided by you.

We will offer the most suitable and efficient way to deliver your shipments to customers.