About US

If you have a large customer base that you wish to communicate with on a regular basis, you might consider using a specialist to help you prepare letters, invoices, invitations, announcements and e-mail messages. We will be your  indispensable assistant, who is fast, accurate, uses modern technology, manages your tasks to knowledgeable employees and always recommends the most efficient solutions to execute the job at hand.

Mailmaster provides automated variable information preparation and printing services, letter preparation and archiving, e-mailing, invoice digitisation and processing, and electronic billing (e-billing) services, as well as SMS solutions.

                We offer the following services to Latvian and foreign companies: collecting correspondence, marketing materials, magazines - wrapping them in plastic; placing labels, personalising and processing said materials in accordance with the requirements of postal operators of any country.

                Mailmaster has access to high-powered, high-quality high-speed printers, enveloping machines and film wrapping equipment.

                We have been active in our field since 1995.