2017-06-21 13:54:06

Self Mailer

Following frequent requests from our customers we have a SelfMailer unit in our disposal.

SelfMail direct mail that does not require an envelope. Address information and postage can be printed directly on it. SelfMailers can be created from a single piece of paper of different colors, thickness, plain or preprinted.


There is a variety of advantages of using Self Mailer to address your customers, apart from the classic envelope the design of the looks of the mail piece can be creatively designed so attracting the attention with colorful graphics or black and white art on the outer side.

Secondly the money saving option you should consider. Due to the compact layout and design the production processes and costs can be cut, so the time spent on creating a mail piece is minimal, which reflects on the overall bill.

Environmentally friendlier - It is just a single page converted into the postal mailing.


For the details and further specifications please feel free to contact our customer service department.